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"Astrology connects us to the divine and reminds that the events of our lives are the sacred reflection of the cosmos."  - Adam Elenbass 

Natal Reading

£98, 1 hour online session

For now, pay what you wish

By looking at the place of the stars at the moment of your birth we will explore your 'natal promise' which are the experiences you are promised to have at some moment in your life. 


Which includes an interpretation of your Sun, Moon and raising sign along with other considerations. A natal reading includes a one year forecast using astrological transits and other relevant timing techniques.

The session will be recorded and sent to you, your birth day, birth place are necessary information before the consultation. Please fill in the form and let us know which specific area of your life you would like us to explore during the consultation.

Natal astrology might offer you clarity about the experiences and cycles of your life by displaying a different perspective via the stars, for example understand your relationship with money, focusing your work and career in the best possible way, navigating romantic relationships, clarifying your spiritual path, releasing shame and fear, increasing self compassion, etc.


However, if you’re not sure what to ask, that’s okay! Often once the consultation starts, we may be guided toward exactly what you need from your chart at that particular time.


£98, 1 hour online session

For now, pay what you wish

Synastry is the arts of relationship Astrology. It is the study of how individuals interact with one another. We will look at compatibility, love cycles and general connections. 

Every relationship has strong and weak points. Comparing your birth chart to another person’s chart is the key to understanding how you can delight and make the most of the best connections between the two of you, and manage any of the challenges you might share. 

Synastry can be used for love relationships, but we can apply the same techniques also for work, family and other types of relationships too. 

Astronomical Clock


£50, per question via email

For now, pay what you wish

Horary astrology answers basic yes/no questions by looking at the position of the stars at the moment the question is being asked. Not the work of a psychic; it is a systematic application of medieval astrological techniques that get right to the point . 

The result can bring peace through the acceptance of what will be, but make sure you are ready to hear it! It will be most accurate if  you can get to the heart of your concern and refine your question as much as possible before asking. 

for example: 

Examples of questions:  Will I get the job?  Will we meet again? Will my team win the match? Is my missing cat going to come home? 

The astrology is never wrong, only the astrologer! While I am not infallible, I shall do my best to communicate what I see concisely and would appreciate your feed- back about the eventual result of your enquiry.

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