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Ancient Astrology

At the Arts of Astrology, our approach draws heavily on the Hellenistic and Medieval heritage. We use the seven traditional planets, (and the outer modern planets strictly for transits!), the traditional rulerships, the five conventional aspects and whole sign house. In our practice we work with transits, annual profection, solar return and secondary progression.


Hellenistic astrology was practiced from the 2nd century BCE until around the 7th century CE and is the combination of the Babylonian observations of the stars and the Egyptian tradition of decanic astrology.

When Europe entered the Middle Ages, astrology was then passed to and further developed in the Islamic world from 7th to the 13th century. Followed then by Renaissance astrology in Europe after being brought back by the Crusaders!

A lot of knowledge has been lost through the centuries and got reinvented in the 19th century giving birth to psychological astrology and other branches.


Until the beginning of 1990, when project Hindsight was created and the translation of ancient Greek and Latin astrological text to English began, followed by the translation of Arabic astrological sources from the Medieval Islamic Empire. They recovered and recalled the great Art and Nobility of Ancient Astrology. 



The Seven Stars by Zakariya Al-Qazwini

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