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Image by Yoni Kozminsi

About Bettina


Bettina is a French-Uruguayan artist living in the UK.

She combines her roles as mother, professional portrait & theatrical set painter, Samba dancer and co-founder and director of Paracarnival, whose programme of creative workshops and legendary carnival performances bring together people of all backgrounds ,ages, abilities and especially vulnerabilities. 


In 2019, I enrolled and certified at Nightlight Astrology in Year1, I then completed year 2 and horary in 2020, I also studied at Chris Brennan's The Hellenistic Astrology Course and took many of Kelly Surtee's courses. I am currently a student of Christopher Warnock on his Astrological Magic course.

Astrology has revolutionised my world view, through which I have encountered the works of Ibn Arabi and Sufism by participating in study group from Beshara school. Triggering a personal journey of self-discovery.


My approach remains grounded by a systematic and methodical application of ancient techniques.

I see Astrology as a mean to shed light onto our innate potential, gain clarity, understand our condition and engage towards self-improvement and self-development. 

As someone who aims to be in a perpetual process of falling in love with being alive, I also believe it is possible to realign our Karma with self-awareness, patience & perseverance, self-compassion, love & prayers.

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