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Image by Yoni Kozminsi

About Bettina

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Bettina is a French-Uruguayan artist living in the UK.

She combines her roles as mother, professional portrait & theatrical set painter, Samba dancer/teacher and co-founder and director of Paracarnival, whose programme of creative workshops and legendary carnival performances bring together people of all backgrounds ,ages, abilities and especially vulnerabilities. 


In 2019, she embarked on Adam Elenbaas' programe and certified in Natal and Horary Astrology by 2021, she also studied at Chris Brennan's The Hellenistic Astrology Course and attended many seminars on line with the best teachers in the world.

 She regards her crafts as a lifelong learning endeavour.

Bettina has been meeting with her sistars from Astrum Opus, twice weekly since 2020, to investigate the work of the Stars. 

Studying astrology in a community has enriched her and expended her realisations. 

Bettina's approach to astrology is grounded with a systematic and methodical application of ancient techniques, additionally improvisation is at hand in her practice by making use of the accidentals.

Astrology has shifted her world view, through which she has encountered the works of Ibn Arabi and Sufism by participating in study group from Beshara Trust, triggering a personal journey of self-discovery.


She sees Astrology as a mean to shed light onto our innate potential, understand our conditioning and engage towards self-knowledge. 

As someone who aims to be in a perpetual process of falling in love with being alive, she trusts that one can realign negative paterns with, self-awareness, patience & perseverance, self-compassion, love

& prayers.

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